Du’a, Dhikr and Durud during Menses


During my menstrual cycle am I allowed to recite a durood? I recite durood (from memory) every night 3 times even on my menstrual cycle. The other day someone said you can’t recite anything during menstrual period. And I would like to know if it is wrong to recite durood before going to sleep or any dua before sleep during my menstrual period. Continue Reading

Nikah (Marriage) Without Witnesses?


I knew a boy and we decided to do nikka on phone. But there was no imam or witness present. No meher was paid aftee that. We both knew the nikka was not valid since no witness was present. We did recite everything and also asked each other’s approval 3 times.

Recently I have heard, that nikka without witnesses is ACCEPTABLE in some circumstances. None of our parents or anyone was informed of this before. Is the nikka valid? Please help me I no longer talk to this boy. Continue Reading

Valid Reasons to Keep a Dog?


Respected Mufti Saheb,

Guard dogs, sheep dogs and hunting dogs are allowed but not as pets coming into the house. Does this permission also apply to dogs which can be used for training purposes which can lead one to the wounded animal, sniffer dogs to find drugs which has proven quite successful, dogs trained to nab criminals, dogs used as guide dogs for the blind etc? Continue Reading