Introduction: 2-Years Adults Advanced Islamic Studies Course

The online registration form for the 2-years Adults Advanced Islamic Studies Course can be completed by clicking the link below. Note: Classes begin on Monday 3rd December. Enrollment is open until 31st December 2018. Early enrollment is encouraged to save time on having to catch-up on lessons.


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Course Instructor: Mufti Zameelur Rahman

Not every Muslim needs to become a religious scholar (‘ālim) but every Muslim needs to be religiously literate and equipped to prepare for the next life (ākhirah).

Course Subjects

  • FIQH
  • QUR’ᾹN

Under the guidance of a qualified scholar

Course Aims

  • Provide authentic and clear instruction on the basics of Muslim belief, practice and spiritual/moral rectification
  • Nurture an understanding of the two essential sources of guidance for a Muslim: Qur’ān and Ḥadith
  • Introduce the rich scholarly and spiritual heritage of Islām
  • Provide a platform for asking questions and furthering one’s knowledge of Islām

Course Timings & Venue

Course Induction & Start Date

  • Open Day and Induction: 19/11/2018 (All Welcome)
  • Start date: 3/12/2018

Course Structure & Fees

  • 4 terms each year. 30 hours of classes per term.
  • Fees: £120 per term (paid termly, in advance)
  • Course textbooks are to be purchased separately.

Click Here to view a Detailed Course Structure

Contact Information

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