A Reader On Imam Abu Hanifah

An extensive and thorough collection of authentic narrations on various aspects of the Great Imam of the Salaf, Imam Abu Hanifah Nu’man ibn Thabit, with brief commentary and critical analyses of the chains of narration (isnad).

1. The Salaf’s Acceptance of Imam Abu Hanifah’s Rank and Knowledge
2. Imam Abu Hanifah’s Rank in Hadith
3. The Testimony of the Salaf on Imam Abu Hanifah’s Excellence in Fiqh
4. Examples of the Teachers and Disciples of Imam Abu Hanifah
5. Narrations on the Piety and Character of Imam Abu Hanifah
6. Answers to Doubts over the ‘Aqidah of Imam Abu Hanifah

Mawlana Zameelur Rahman

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